4 Video Games for Couples

4 Video Games for Couples
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Today we are going to talk about video games that you should play with your friend or a loved one. Don’t forget to check our friends at https://www.pcgamer.com/, for all of your gaming news.


The inhumanly beautiful story of an anthropomorphic woolen ball with sad eyes, who went for a walk on the memories of his grandmother who created him, this will a concrete wall cry. Until recently, only Mario has been a major player in this genre, but, unlike the latter, there is no fuss in Unravel. This is the perfect game for two: a meditative gameplay based on elegant puzzles, honest physics, crazy landscapes and some kind of a good child perception of the surrounding world. This is a game, during which you can snuggle up with your loved one for a long time.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a very strange thing, and, probably, it’s more correct to even consider it as not a video game, but a serious test of mutual understanding. The premise is simple: we are locked in a room where the clock mechanism of a threatening bomb is ticking. It contains puzzle modules that you need to deactivate. When all modules are deactivated, the bomb is deemed to be neutralized. The trick is that the sapper has no idea how the modules work and what to do with them. Well, five different colored wires are sticking out – and then what? And then you need to retell the in words what you see, to a partner who is strictly forbidden to look at your screen. The partner has a guide with a detailed description of all the modules and mechanisms (each of them works on a complex algorithm, and sometimes in order to snap the desired wire, you need to search for even numbers in the serial number of the bomb or count the number of batteries on the back panel). He, in turn, asks suggestive questions and tries to find the right solution. The task is complicated by the fact that the developers intentionally fool the players, slipping them with indescribable symbols like “the turned half of the letter O with a tail”, and words, that are identical in sound, but different in spelling. It is truly an adrenaline-packed experience! Check out this review made by Polygon:



Splatoon – the only, perhaps, romantic multiplayer shooter in the world. More precisely, this is a multiplayer shooter through the eyes of the Japanese: two teams of half-people-half-calamaries with huge rollers try to repaint the world in their color. The team which painted most of the level wins. Everything around is bright and sunny, no one needs to kill anyone: the game was released on the not-so-popular Wii U console in May of 2016 and over six months sold over 4 million copies, receiving a dozen important industrial awards. Despite the fact that you can play it online, the most fun mode is the local multiplayer, “one on one.” One player controls the character on the TV screen, the other – one on the controller: the perfect end to a romantic evening. The loser washes the dishes.

The Witness

A huge island with puzzles at every step. The Witness is the direct heiress of the legendary Myst: the same sense of mystery, the same melancholy, the same painful beauty. As with Myst, playing The Witness alone is a real crime. The game has marvelous graphics and a clever story. The risk of becoming one of the silent stone statues inhabiting this beautiful island is always upon your shoulders. In order not to become one, you have to complete a set of very, very difficult quests and puzzles, and it is a lot easier and pleasant to do it together with a loved one. Also, check out this dating website, where you can find Russian women for marriage

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