7 Social Media Trends to Capitalise On In 2018

7 Social Media Trends to Capitalise On In 2018
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It is beyond reasonable doubt that the social media evolves every other day. The Facebook account you have today was not the same ten years ago, neither will it be years to come. Social media has led to the development of many tools, which include sharedcount.com, meant to help marketers track the progress of their marketing campaigns.

The dynamism of digital technology, more so social media speaks volume. As a social media marketer, you should always be on the look for new trends as they will help you strategize your marketing efforts in such a way that you will get the most out of social media. The following are social media trends that you should probably be on the lookout for and capitalize on.

  1. Video and live streaming

According to recent reports by Hubspot, 43 percent of social media users prefer video content from marketers and brands are increasingly posting video content for their audience. Why do users prefer live streaming and video? Well, it is for the primary reason that it creates a better engagement and has an enriching effect on content.

Also, the customer experience is more enhanced with videos as compared to comments and replies on social media platforms. Videos are not limited to a particular type; there are various types of videos that you may post to serve different functions. You could use product demos, testimonials and explainers to mention a few, all depending on the needs of your audience. If you have not incorporated live streaming and videos into your online marketing campaigns, then you should. Your competitors are already doing it!

  1. Influencer marketing

Did you know that there is much more that influencer marketing could do to your brand than just having an influencer post your content to market your brand? There is an even better way to go about it.

Why not partner with an influencer. You could both benefit from such an arrangement. Most of the influencers are bloggers who are skilled at writing content. You can work together to create compelling content for your posts.

However, you should also keep in mind that not all influencers will be right for you. You need to do some background research to check on their track record, and, also select one that is relevant to your niche. With a proper strategy, the results of influencer marketing will exceed your expectations.

  1. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a new social media trend that you cannot afford to ignore. It is a technology that enhances interaction with your audience, and it is quick. Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality is not limited.

The goodness with augmented reality is it is unique, personalized, and interactive and it allows you to create high-quality content: which are all vital in social media marketing.

  1. Instagram stories

Did you know that Instagram stories currently boast over 250 million users, and the number keeps rising? A majority of the businesses on Instagram use Instagram stories, of which 20 percent of them produce at least one response.

Instagram stories enhance interaction and expose you to a large potential client base as the platform has over 800 million users.

  1. Messaging platforms

What about messaging platforms. Facebook messenger is among the most popular messaging platforms. There still are others in the market and their popularity is increasing at a rather impressive rate.

It is about time that you increased your engagement on these platforms. Reports from a Facebook research show that 54.5 percent of Facebook users in the US prefer to use messaging platforms to engage as opposed to emails or phones. The stats are a representative of global consumer behavior. You should take full advantage of that.

  1. Facebook

It might be quite obvious. Facebook still maintains the lead in being the most used social media platform, more so one that is used by businesses most. If you are using other platforms, Facebook better be one of them.

Facebook has been proactive in rolling out updates in a bid to better your business experience. It may be an old platform, but you can always count on it to pull up with new tricks.

  1. Social listening

Last but not least, is social listening. Social media is becoming more than a platform where you can be active on and relentlessly post your content. You will only get the attention you need to grow your brand if you are listening to your audience and responding to them.

Try out the seven trends, and you will watch your brand go to the next level.


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