Best 5 Sites Like Hulu as an alternative to streaming online

Sites Like Hulu
Best 5 Sites Like Hulu as an alternative to streaming online
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Hulu is a video streaming service that offer original video content from television show. It also offer movies through a wide range of partnership with various big studio like Sony pictures, warner bros, fox entertainment and many more.Here you can watch your favoriteTV series, movies and TV shows in best quality.Hulu’s latest undertaking is Hulu Live TV. The streaming service which allows subscribers to watch live and on-demand TV programming from over 50 popular networks.

So Hulu is one of the best resources for watching premium video content on the internet. But Hulu has some limitation. As we know Hulu is only available in US. So you can’t use it unless you are on American soil. No doubt Hulu’s paid plans are cheaper than the subscription cost of other Hulu alternative but Hulu plus channels subscription still contain advertisement between TV shows and movies segments. There are lots of other streaming platforms we could compare with Hulu. So, today in this article we are going to sharing some sites like Hulu as an alternative to streaming online. If You are looking for best streaming routers then here You can check out about streaming routers.


Netflix is one of the most popular and leading entertainment services. Netflix has a wide range collection of movies and TV series. Here you can watch premium content in HD quality. Netflix cost a more than Hulu but you can stream videos without advertisement. If you want to know about the cost of Netflix then let me tell you, they have different premium plans, Like the basic plan which cost $7.99 per month and $11.99 cost for The premium tier, which is available in Ultra HD and allows users to watch on up to four screens.

Amazon Instant Video

Amazon video is a service that is developed and operated by Amazon instant video works different than Hulu and Netflix. Instead of paying subscription fee for a month, amazon instant video offer film and TV shows for rent or purchase. One of the best benefit is that, you can download tv shows and movies that you purchase so you can watch them offline too. But you can’t watch new release movies and tv episodes without buying them individually.

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Sling tv

Sling tv is also one of the best hulu alternative for online streaming. Sling tv is popular internet tv service owned by dish network. Sling tv has a unique tag line called a “la carte TV” which means “TV the way you want it”. Sound cool right? It is not just a tagline, Sling TV lets you pick and choose just the networks you want access to and pay for them individually. One limiting factor with Sling tv is that, it is only available in US.



If you are anime fans then believe me Crunchyroll is only for you. Crunchyroll is one of the best website for the anime lover. Crunchyroll focused on video streaming media including anime, manga, drama, music and electronic entertainment.There’s also dubbed anime and cartoon films offered to flow in English. They have huge collection of premium content with popular anime including death note, dragon ball Z, Samurai and Code Geass. Good news is that, Crunchyroll is a legal site to watch anime. So Try at least once, I am sure you won’t regret.



As we mentioned above, hulu offer their service only in us and japan. So it’s difficult to access hulu if you don’t live in US. But Crackle (Sony Crackle) Allows you to watch movies and tv shows from different countries. Crackle is run by sony and its production studios. They have wide range collection of movies and tv series. You can stream Different genres like adventure, biography, Action and drama from sony crackle. No doubt, crackle is also one of the best hulu alternative.

There are many similar sites like hulu but these are the Best alternatives of hulu. Hulu is cheaper than any other alternative but it’s only available in japan and US. So if you are not living in US or japan and willing to watch latest TV series and movies then you should definitely try this alternative.


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