Best Websites to Read Comics Online Free in 2018

Read Comics Online Free
Best Websites to Read Comics Online Free in 2018
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There was a time when the people had very much interest to read all types of comics, and also had the same demand for new comics. It would have been nice to read about the world’s Wolfes by the people because they wanted knew about the wonderful and hidden things of the world. But now the world has become quite modern, and people in this completely advanced world are now fully educated, and it is a matter of fact that comics are not more important for everyone.

But we can not say that reading comics does not make anyone feel good. Some people still love reading comics. And there are some great blogs which are specially created for those people who love the blog posts based on comic themes and keep updating the blogs.

Now people can read free comics online through the convenience of technical gadgets or smartphones according to their convenience. And for such people here we have listed the best blogs that publish all the wonderful comic stories, types, etc. And this article will help you to learn about brief information about those comics blogs.

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Best Websites to Read Comics Online Free in 2018

So, please have a look below for some selected best websites to read comics online free in 2018 and these all are selected on the basis of reviews, rating and public interest which will work as a guide for you to search free online comic sites.

1.Hello Comics:

 This site was one of the largest databases of free digital comic books, which has uploaded both new and old issues on a weekly basis for many publishers including Marvel, DC and Image. So bookmark the Hello comic’s site and keep taking updates about the best comic blog posts.

2. ComiXology:

This is a free website where you will find many comics and you can read comic online which is absolutely free. There are almost 75 wonderful publishers on this site who work best to read the best comic blogs. In this site you can find manga, indie, graphic novel and other popular classics. But to gain unlimited access to your comics, you have to subscribe. You get a membership of Unlimited for only $ 5.99 / month. And as well as read more than 10,000 graphic novels, comics, and manga. So if you are looking for a good comics blog then you can choose this site.

3. Drive Thru Comics:

If we talk about drive through comics, then this site has been selling print-on-demand and digital comic books, stories and role playing games since 2001. The site has a wide selection of creators and publishers. It offers all the comic books for free to its readers from both indie and major publishers, so now you are not worried about spending money on reading comics online.

4. Comic Book World:

So, Comic Book World, as we can see, the identity of this blog is being recognized by the name itself. And here you are fully available for the collection of premium comic blogs. If you also like to read comic post or blog and are passionate about it, then you should keep this blog in your mind.

5.DC Kids:

This site is the most suitable site for kids to read free comics online because in which they get lots of comics and they can read about their favorite and popular comic characters such as Batman, Wonder Woman Superman, and others. It is very popular among the young youth or children because this site is designed as per the youth theme and their interest. But unfortunately, the site does not give a huge selection of comics but don’t worry you can get the best collections.

6. Newsarama:

Newsrama gives you more than free comics and comic books. If you are interested in reading the latest news, here you get the opportunity to read the latest news of the sci-fi enthusiast and comic book, along with discussions about theories and speculations. And this all are free for your interest.

 7. Internet Archive:

This site is very beneficial for those people who love very much reading comics books and it is a non-profit digital library. It gives you a collection of web pages, books, videos, audio recording images and software programs. But the best thing about them is that here you are offered 11 million books with which digital comic books are also selected. You can create an account on this site, search for favorite comics, and upload your own media and much more things and all these facility are absolutely free.

8. Comic Blitz:

In Comic Blitz, you get a large selection of Indie Publishers, and it provides a collection of incredible indie free comics online like Valiant and Valiant classic, Dynamite, IDW and Zenoscope. But for your information, it is also imperative to know that you will not find any Marvel, DC or Image Comics in it. In this, two types of membership plans are provided to comic readers: free and unlimited. If you subscribe for an unlimited plan of $ 7.99 / month then you can read as much as you want. So, this is also a awesome site to read comics online free.

Conclusion for best websites to read comics online free in 2018 

Well this article provides the details about the best and most reliable websites to read comics online free and from where you can read or download your favorites comics. From above you get the details about top most popular and free sites in which you can reads comics in free after visiting the website. But in some sites, you will need to create an account to read the comics and it takes just 2 to 5 minutes to create a new account. Hope, this information will be very helpful for you to read free comics online and you will enjoy reading comics online.    


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