Chrome Plugins to increase your Privacy

Chrome Plugins to increase your Privacy
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Google Chrome is one of the most popular and most used browser on both, windows as well as mac. It is a great browser in itself, but some additional extensions could make it even a very amazing browser as well. There are tons of browser extension available, which enhance your experience with the web. If you are concerned about your web privacy which you should be concerned about, then you can even have the browser extension which is even going to help you with your privacy.

So, today I am going to tell you about the Chrome Plugins to increase your Privacy. Privacy is a very important factor, and you must keep this in mind and do something for it as well. But before moving to that, let me tell you that if you think that your personal information is already being on the internet, then you could use the DeleteMe Promo code, which helps you to remove your existing personal information from the internet. So, now let’s move further and take a look at Chrome Plugins to increase your Privacy.

Chrome Plugins to increase your Privacy

1. Ghostry

The Ghostry helps you to detect tracking on the websites which you visit through google chrome. And then it blocks the tracking which even improves the page load speed of the websites. It helps in eliminating clutter while it protects your data. And not only tracking but it also helps in blocking the Ads for you.

2. Privacy Badger

It is quite similar to Ghostry, and it also helps you to detect tracking and then blocks it. But it only blocks the tracking script that follows you from one site to another, rather than to block the whole content. And the best part about it is that when it detects any source which is tracking you from one site to another, it notifies your browser to stop loading that particular page.

And the best and my personal favorite feature of the Privacy Badger is that, if it is essential to load the content which is tracking you, then it will allow your browser to load it, but it will block its tracking capabilities. You can get this for cheap using DeleteMe Promo Code.

3.Disconnect offers many extensions of the browser for mobile as well as desktops. Disconnect private browsing is its main browser extension. And it helps in blocking the third party tracking and makes it safe for you to visit any webpage you want. Whenever a site will make any kind of the network request to connect with anything besides the website which you have reached, then it will block the loading of extra content.


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