How To Stop SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION Error on Windows 10

How To Stop SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION Error on Windows 10
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SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION this is also known by the name of Blue Screen of death error. Nowadays, this error is facing by on many Windows computers. So, today I will show you how to fix this error on Windows 10.

The SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION is may be caused by the software which is not compatible for your Windows 10 or maybe because of driver incompatibility. This error contains the name file which is causing this problem in your System. So let’s find out the solution for SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION.

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Solution 1:- Disable Your Webcam

Guys, sometimes hardware can cause this error of SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION like your monitor webcam can cause this. If the Error like SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION ( ks.sys) is coming then you might want to disable your webcam. You can follow below instruction for disabling your system webcam:-

  1. Go to Device Manager by pressing Windows Key + X and then click on device manager.
  2. Here you have to find out Webcam option and then right click on it and then click on Disable.

I have mentioned this one cause of SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION it may be another cause also so please read the full article.

Solution 2:- Uninstall McAfee Antivirus Software

If you are getting this error SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (ks.sys) Blue Screen of Death then this error may be coming because of the Antivirus that you are using in your computer. Many people’s suggested that this problem was resolved after removing McAfee Antivirus Software. This problem is coming on Windows 10 so I advised to remove this software from your system.

So, Let’s see how can we remove this software from our computer:-

  1. Go to setting of our McAfee Antivirus setting.
  2. Click on Uninstall.

Solution 3:- Uninstall Virtual CloneDrive

SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION sometimes caused my Virtual CloneDrive also. So, if you are using Virtual CloneDrive in your computer then uninstall it.

Solution 4:- Uninstall Xsplit and remove MSI Live Update

If you are getting SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error while playing games then you want to remove or update XSplit software. And It is also confirmed that the MSI live use drivers because of this, this error comes. So, make sure you have removed it properly.

Solution 5:- Remove BitDefender and Cisco VPN

SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (ntfs.sys) if this error is coming in your computer then it is coming because of BitDefender or by VPN. If you are using any tool like this then please remove it. After removing it you can reinstall the latest version and the problem was resolved.

Solution 6 – Uninstall Asus GameFirst Service

Guys, Asus Gamefirst Service is designed to optimize your game networking and many gamers use this service in their computers. But, many users reported that the issue of SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (ntfs.sys) occurs because of this tool only in Windows 10.

So, the solution to this problem is to remove this software. As you can see this error is happening because of incompatible hardware driver or software.

Solution 7 – Run the SFC scan

The next thing that we are going to try is that running SFC scan. This tool is inbuilt in our window for resolving various problems, including BSOD issue also. Here is the way how can we run SFC scan in our windows 10.

  1. Go to search, then type cmd, open it.
  2. Enter the following line and then press enter.


  1. Now wait for the process.
  2. After completing the process restart your computer.

Solution 8 – Update your drivers

If your graphics card or drivers is not updated then there will be a chance of this error. So, for this, you have to update your GPU drivers. If you are not sure how to do that. Then follow the below instructions:-

  1. Go to search and then type Device Manager.
  2. Open Device Manager.
  3. Expand Display Adapters.
  4. Right-click your graphics card and then update it.
  5. Your computer will automatically find the new drivers. Wait for sometimes till the process will finish.
  6. After completing the process don’t forget to Restart your computer.

Updating Drivers manually is very irritating and may cause permanent damage on your computer for downloading wrong drivers. So you can download TweakBit’s Driver Updater tool it is 100% safe and tested by me this does everything automatically. This tool is also approved by Microsoft and Norton Antivirus. After testing many tools I have concluded that this tool is totally safe.

Solution 9 – Disable third-party antivirus

Some reports suggested that this error is caused due to the third party antivirus. The only solution for this issue is that to disable your Antivirus temporary.

If this error was solved after doing this then it is ok. But, you are still facing BSOD after disabling your Antivirus software then I suggest you to change your Antivirus Software or switch to window defender.

Solution 10 – Run the troubleshooter

If you are using Windows 10 Creator in your computer then you can use the Troubleshooter tool which is in-built by the Microsoft. Same as sfc/scannow this tools also deals with various system issues including BSOD error like SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION.

Let’s know how can we run Troubleshooter in Windows 10:-

  1. You have to Go to the Settings app.
  2. Click on Update & Security.
  3. Then, Go to Troubleshoot.
  4. Find BSOD and then click on Fix Troubleshoot.
  5. After completing this just Restart your computer.

Solution 11 – Check the hard drive

Now, we are going to check, is our system hard drive is working properly or not by our hard drive configuration. Because the system corrupted drive also cause this issue.

Let’s know, How can we check our Hard Drive:-

  1. First, you have to go to Command Prompt.
  2. Now enter the following line and then press enter:-

chkdsk /f C:

  1. Now, you have to wait for the process.
  2. After completing the process just restart your computer.

Solution 12 – Run Windows Memory Diagnostic tool

After checking your Hard Drive Let’s check our RAM memory also.

Let’s know, How to do that:-

  1. Go to Search and then search Memory Diagnostic tool.
  2. When the window pop ups click on the Restart now and check the problems.
  3. Now, your PC will Restart.


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