How To Fix Windows Update Stuck or Not Working

Windows Update Stuck
How To Fix Windows Update Stuck or Not Working
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Updates are a major part of the use of any operating system because it improves the overall functionality and security of the update system. So you should always keep in mind that your computer is always being updated on a regular basis. But, think, what if you are trying to update your PC and it stops working? This situation is worst, you do not understand how it will be right. But do not tension. In this post, you will find information about the issue of Windows Update Stuck or Not Working. 

Here you will get the details about Top 5 methods to fix Windows Update Stuck or Not Working issues in Windows 7/8/10.

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About Windows Update Not Working Error

Windows Update Service means to work quietly in the background, but if it can not establish a personalized update, then it can refuse to continue. This scenario occurs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10 and in Windows 10, the problem has become very common now. This happens due to updates being erratic, or sometimes Windows updates stop working and stuck on “Search for updates” until infinity. 

There may be a Windows Update Stack error on any version of Windows for various reasons. There can be many reasons for which users are facing Windows 10 update working error, such as corruption, viruses, and malware in the Windows 10 user registry, corrupted or broken updates or even the establishment of a poor Internet connection. So, it is an advice for you that you have to do the update in good internet connection.

Note: Windows updates are very important even if you do not have any issues. You should keep automatic updates turned on because it is one of the best ways to keep it safe from ransomware and other threats. If you turn off automatic updates for any reason, you may want to explain the problem.

Fix Windows Update Not Working Error

We will tell you the top 5 methods, which were tested by experts to work effectively against this error, and proved that this is helpful to Fix Windows Update Not Working Error issue. You can apply these fixes one after the other until you have successfully reached the target.

1) Use System Restore to go back in time

Often, many times, after going to 99%, Windows updates are discontinued or interrupted. At that time you can use the solution of this method.

System Restore is very useful for solving Windows problems, but it is hidden in Windows 10. However, you do not have to worry about this. For this, you have to go to Control Panel option, then click on System, go to System Protection and finally click on System Restore.

Just go through the wizard, and select the “Show more restore points” option so that you can see all available options. Choose the time and date of your choice as long as you want to configure Windows. Then complete the wizard to go back to the way that Windows is configured. This process will not affect any files or programs of Windows personally.

2) Use Safe Mode to fix windows update stuck at installing

Even though Windows Update is not working even after downloading the problem, this method can really be helpful in fixing it.

Safe Mode is also seen as a restart with extras. In it, only basic apps and code are loaded into memory so that Windows can be easily run. This is the reason that there is also a small chance to interfere with the damaged or conflict file in the update. For this method, you need to press and hold the Shift key in Windows 10 and then selecting Power and Restart selection from the Windows sign-in tab.

On the next screen you see its resultant, troubleshooting, advanced options, restart the system after selecting startup settings.

Now safe mode will be launched on Windows, then you will have to try the update process again. If you are using the old version of Windows, Google provides you with instructions for safe mode.

3) Clear Windows Update Cache

If none of the above two professions are working, Clear Windows Update Cache method is the best solution for you. In this case, you stop the Windows Update Service, due to which the temporary files that you create are stored, then restart Windows Update.

This method is for a while, so it is explained to you in two parts, which makes this process very easy: (i) use a command prompt and (ii) use the file explorer.

  • Use a command prompt

Launch the Windows in safe mode using the above mentioned procedure. After this, you will have to go to the command prompt option. Now right-click on the Start menu and then access it by selecting the command prompt. In the Command Prompt box, after typing “net stop wuauserv” press the Enter tab. After this, press the Enter tab followed by “Net stop bits”.

  • Use the file explorer

After opening the file explorer, navigate to C: \ Windows \ software delivery. After this, you need to remove the temporary files that you get from this folder. Anyway, Windows updates will re-create them. Now you need to go back to the command prompt window and repeat the first part. After this, type “net start who serve” and press enter tab. Now type “net start bits” and press Enter. Remember that it is very important to run Windows Update and its related background services again correctly.

4) Inspect Windows Update Utility to Fix Windows Update Stuck at 0

In Windows 10, to go to the Windows Update page, you have to launch the Settings app from the Start menu and click Update and Security. But if there is a problem in this process, then you should check its details. However, sometimes you will see the message again at an isolated time trying to update Windows.

In addition, if you want to see the recently installed updates, then you click on “Advanced Options” and then click on “View your Update History”. These are updates that were very successful, you can uninstall it if you like. You should see fewer errors on the system. Because due to this process, Windows 10 has been systematically updated with the update process. And this will be a useful troubleshooting option.

5) Use Troubleshooter to fix Windows 10 Updates stuck at 99

Microsoft knows that the update process can cause problems anytime, so it has specially developed a troubleshooting program in which you do not have any problems. For this, you need to find the old control panel for “troubleshooting”. After this, you will have to select the “Fix problems with Windows Update” option from the list on the screen.

Help and support links should also be available in Windows 7 and 8. But it will take time if you have not yet upgraded to Microsoft’s latest and largest operating system.

Conclusion for [FIXED] Windows Update Stuck or Not Working

So, here you have got the information about top 5 effective and best ways to Fix Windows Update Not Working Error. If you still have any issue or confusion then you can go to the official Microsoft Thread to solve your queries. If you want to ask something or have any suggestion, then you can come to comment section below.


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