Fleet Management Software with Modular Features

Fleet Management Software with Modular Features
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The evolution of fleet management solutions has improved work performance, reduced losses, and increased profitability. If you are wondering how this is possible, one of the solutions includes the use of software with modular features. They may be a single simple piece of software, but their capabilities are numerous. Any fleet business can enjoy different capabilities from a single dashboard without interruptions or inconveniences. As a fleet manager, owner, or a person interested in such software, it is prudent to know a couple that is trending now. Here is our list:

Geo Tab Open Platform Telematics

This software is highly customized to suit the needs of both big and small fleet businesses. It mainly focuses on managing the vehicles and drivers by tracking them in real time. It has different features that are not only helpful to fleet owners but motivates and protects drivers as well. The customer support is excellent, which makes this telematics software some of the best in the world.

Verizon Connect

This is fleet management and telematics software that covers everything you need in a company. It takes care of mileage management, real-time position of vehicles, and the maintenance schedule of all of them. Most of the fleet management devices from EyeRide Online can be integrated with this software to deliver excellent results. The best part is that it will bring all of the results to your dashboard without a hitch.

OnFleet Software

This software is available as an app as well, which makes it very mobile for fleet managers.  It has received an average of more than 4 stars from many professional telematics solutions reviewers, which makes it a worthy fleet management solution to try. The app mode has numerous amazing features that include real-time tracking of fleet vehicles, driver management programs, and a fuel management option. Therefore, it becomes an excellent option for big businesses and small ones alike. Notably, it can also be highly customized to suit many other needs of any business.

Fleet Complete Software

Are you running a courier fleet business? If the answer is yes, then this is the best software that you can to use for your business. It provides detailed data as one of the best modular features for managers and owners to know the current position of the business and make decisions. What makes it even better is that it has front office operations, back office options, and customer relations options for the drivers to use while they are in the field. The software has received numerous positive reviews from different users for ease of use and reliability at the same time.

Fleet Director Global

This is complete fleet management solution software that allows managers to succeed in their fleet operations. The software is a cool multifunctional fleet solution that can help any business track the drivers and manage other resources in a company.

With the above software for fleet management, any business will enjoy smooth operations, intuitive dashboards, and detailed telematics data from all of these modular features.



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