How does the hidden spy app android free work?

How does the hidden spy app android free work?
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Today, the smartphone is an indispensable instrument. It can be a tool to get work done, or it can also be a security concern. This is true, especially for parents. The smartphone can be a great device to be in touch with your children, but then again, the internet is not a very safe place for children. In enterprise scenarios, it is important to keep tabs on the activities of employees to ensure they are not misusing the company provided device.

Therefore, it is quite important to have a program that allows you to monitor and track other smartphones. Snoopza is a spying app. It works as a hidden spy app android free that installs on a target device and reports all activities to an online account. This makes it quite a useful app for both businesses and parents.

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Key features

Here are some of the key features of this mobile tracker.

  • Call Recording and Tracking: Mobile Tracker Snoopza allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls. It also records related tracking metadata which includes when the call was made and from where to where. It gives you the exact location of the target phone too.
  • Text Message Tracking: You can spy on text messages. You can see the incoming and the outgoing text messages on the phone where you have Snoopza
  • Facebook spying: You can use Snoopza to check the activities on Facebook or on pname com Facebook orca This is a very important feature for those who prefer to keep their phone unlocked. Often such phones can be used by others when unattended to post on Facebook or chat on Messenger on your behalf. This can also be a helpful feature for business phones so that you know what your employee is doing with the business account on Facebook.
  • Whatsapp messages spying: WhatsApp is one of the most popular tools to stay in touch with others or share media with others. WhatsApp is extensively used by businesses too to provide ticketing detailsor for providing customer support. Children use Whatsapp not only to stay in touch with their parents but also with the rest of the world. Whatsapp can be used to share geolocation, media content and more. Therefore, to keep tabs on what someone is doing on WhatsApp, you may need a special tool, such as the SnoopzaWhatsApp spying app. Moreover, you can view the media files and voice recordings that are shared, plus more.
  • Track with GPS: Snoopza also allows you to track the real lime location of the phone via GPS. Without GPS, it falls back to Wi-Fi location or even the GSM network location. The location tracking paired with other tracking data allows you to know which activity took place on what location.
  • Camera Tracking: Snoopza allows you to track the camera of the phone invisibly. This means that you can see who is using the phone without letting that person know. However, you must be aware that these activities may not be legal in some regions.

Besides these, Snoopza can also be used to track a lot of other apps, check the phone remotely, review the browser history, track SIM card changes and more. It also comes with a stealth mode so that the app remains invisible on the target phone.

How to use Snoopza

Using Snoopza is very simple. However, you will require an account before you can proceed with the phone setup. Here are the steps.

  1. Sign Up with Snoopza

Go to the official website and then sign up. There, select the appropriate plan for your devices and then proceed with downloading the app.

  1. Install the App

Next, download and install the app on the target phone. You can download the apk from the website only.

  1. Sign in

From the target phone, sign in to the account and set up the device. You can select what you want to track. Depending on what plan you have selected, the options may be limited to you.


Snoopza provides a free service with which you can track calls, manage text messages, track the internet history and even check the geolocation. However, for the full suite of features that allows you to track other apps, take screenshots, to-do lists, SIM card changes and more, you need to pay a price of USD 9.95 for a month. Plans for multiple devices are also available.

Who is it for?

On paper, Snoopza looks like a great tracking solution for both parents and for businesses. Parents can see what their kids are up to on the internet, or if they are a being victim of cyberbullying or are sharing things that they should not be. Businesses can track the phones of employees that are provided for work. They can track client responses and make better business decisions.


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