How to Engage with the Instagram Community

How to Engage with the Instagram Community
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To engage with users on the Instagram is a highly important part of using this platform, irrespective of which sort of business you do, or which kind of goals you have. It’s not about being dramatic, however without engagement, there exists no point really of your presence on the Instagram!

Here a focus is given on ways of engaging on Instagram strategically and how can you boost engagement as well as Instagram video views count.

Thus, catch the chances which are right here in sight of yours doing these steps:

1. Set engagement goals for yourself

Set aside some quantity of time each day for replying to the comments on your Instagram account, and for commenting on other profiles which are related to yours. How much accounts can you actually engage with each day? 20? 40? 100? Also, how much comments can you handle for replying to?

Need a help to stay on the top of comments and keep the track of the engagement? Set your engagement goals for yourself today!

It is vital to be real while commenting and need something for saying. It doesn’t need to be earth-breaking, but it will be better to refer an image or captions while showing a real interest in your posts and your account. Avoid using one word generic comments and spend a bit more time in personalizing the messages.

2. Follow those accounts which engage with content of your competitors

Follow those accounts which engage with content of your competitors. This not just underhand and not a follow for following. Consider it as way of making users (who are interested most likely) to take interest in what are offering and aware of your existence. After all, it is needed   to target right kind of accounts and not only follow everyone aimlessly, hoping to get the follow backs, and getting yourself unfollowed some days later.

What is the best method to do about it? Unluckily, you will        be needing to do some research about handles of your competitors on the Instagram, and then to add up their followers by hand.

It may take some time to combine through thousands of the follower accounts, however you need to be sure that the accounts which you follow don’t lie in category of spam accounts. You need real people who can become your customers later! Although with API deprecation of Instagram in April in 2018, a lot of bot services ran out of their business, but bot accounts do exist on platform still, so be cautious.

3. Follow those hashtags which are related with your content and engage with your linked posts

Did you use feature of hashtag follow on Instagram?

Probably, you would be thinking that you don’t have to clog your feed up with the posts of accounts which you follow, but in actual, it is very cool thing for Instagram marketing. You can follow the relatable hashtags specific to your field, at first, for getting an inspiration for content within your feed, and after that, for finding the new accounts for getting engaged.

As you follow the hashtags, the related content linked with the tags will get popped in the feed. It is not needed to leave your main feed for finding new accounts for interacting with and communities to participate in.

The experts of Instagram recommend that the time which is invested to having conversations through geo-tags and hashtags in posts is more important than putting all efforts in making content for the account. To leave some of the thoughtful Instagram Comments takes lesser time still than making a post, thus it is better to use this option for your account!

4. Bring your caption game up on Instagram

Now is the time of throwing the old captions off in trash and bring up something new and inspiring! Your Instagram posts are much more than simple photos – they require personality and contest. If you try of only writing the descriptions of your photos and never pay attention to your captions really, then you ought to do a bit better!

Ask questions in captions, put light on things relevant to the audience, talk to them as you would do with a friend, be funny, and be casual! There are a lot of ways which can be used for the captions to make them engaging and let the personality of brand shine.

5. Reach out for influential accounts

At last, be actually proactive about starting conversations and making relationships on the Instagram. Never just wait to be noticed. Reach out for the influential accounts of your field and make connections with them. Being a part of the Instagram community containing industry leaders, brands, and businesses, which shares the values and is there for supporting you, is a big help for growing your Instagram account.


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