HPE2-E55 Exam: Introduction to Selling HPE Products, Solutions and Services

HPE2-E55 Exam: Introduction to Selling HPE Products, Solutions and Services
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The HPE2-E55 certification exam tests the skills needed to sell HPE solutions and products. It covers HPE Server, Storage, Services, and Networking solutions. The ideal candidates for this exam are HPE employees and channel sales professionals who have the experience in selling HPE Storage, Server, Services, and Networking solutions.

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Exam Details

This HPE exam has 50 multiple-choice questions which include single or multiple responses. The questions are scenario-based. The passing score for the test is 70% and you have 1 hour 30 minutes to complete this exam.

Exam Objectives

You need to review the exam objectives so that you know the main focus areas of the HPE test. Here are the objectives of the exam:

  • Understanding Small to Medium-Sized Customers
  • Understanding HP Entry-Level Solutions

Tips for Passing the Exam

Your methods of exam preparation need to be excellent if you hope to pass the HPE2-E55test. Here are the tips for passing the exam:

  • Complete the training course

Although the candidates for the exam can rely on their experience, they still need to complete the training courses to be well prepared for the exam. The concepts that you are taught in the course are not only relevant to the exam, but also to your career going forward and you should take it upon yourself to ensure you master everything you are taught. Failing to complete the course is likely to make you lose out on certain concepts which may be disastrous when you are taking the exam and you are unable to answer questions in the areas you skipped. Do your best to complete the training course.

  • Use the exam objectives

Before you start preparing for the exam, you need to identify the objectives of the exam so that you know what you are required to do in the actual test. This is very important as it gives you an overview of what to expect in the exam and you have a better chance of preparing for it if you have an idea about the major concepts you need to focus on. You will be able to stay calm the days leading to the exam and during the test which is good for your mind. It also helps you maintain a sharp focus on the relevant study areas for the exam and you can avoid filling your mind with irrelevant information.

  • Review all study resources for the course

You should know the study resources you can use to study for the exam. Resources like books help you study in an organized manner by explaining key concepts to you step by step. You are also able to create flashcards and write down key concepts that you pick up on every topic so that you can easily refresh your memory wherever you are. You should search for additional study resources so that you exhaust all your options and get ready for the exam in every possible way. This will also help you identify the best resource for you and use it to pass the exam.

  • Attempt practice exams and questions

Study resources contain HPE2-E55 VCE practice tests and questions and you should attempt answering them when you come across them during your studies. They are beneficial because they help you get a feel of how the exam questions may be structured so that you are not walking into the test blind but rather fully aware of the possible questions you will be dealing with. Practice exams get you used to the exam atmosphere and enable you to manage your time which helps you pass the actual exam. You can also use them to determine your level of preparedness for the test and go back to the drawing board in areas you found challenging.

  • Know that the questions are scenario based

The exam questions are based on scenarios that you would otherwise experience in a work setting and you need to use your experience to answer the questions. This exam is meant to polish your skills which are required in the industry by the set standards which exist and given your already acquired experience; you will be better placed to use that knowledge when answering the questions. Every time you come across a question, you need to set your mind to function as it would have in the real world. This will enable you to attain the passing score, get your certification and work competently in the industry.

  • Use the HPE Preparation Guide

This preparation guide contains recommendations that will help you prepare for the exam and pass it. It is important to note that HPE has control over the content of the exam, which means that you should take their recommendations seriously. They offer you a step-by-step guide on what you need to do as you prepare for the test. This will help you to structure your study in a way that gets you well prepared for the exam in the amount of time that you have to get ready for it. This guide is also a reliable resource which means you will not waste your time using it but rather benefit from it.

  • Visit the HPE Press

The HPE Press is a platform which HPE uses as a communication channel to anyone who is on any of the HPE’s certification path. This means that all the details related to the exam are found here including additional resources and notifications for any changes that have been made on the HPE2-E55test. You need to check this platform so that any of your concerns can be addressed and you can walk into the exam with the calmness and confidence you need to pass it.


The HPE2-E55 exam is essential for you to have a successful career in dealing with HPE products and solutions, and it is wise for you to take all the necessary steps to ensure you are ready for this certification test. Carry out extensive research to find out any additional resources or study tips you can use for you to have the best chance of success. Good luck!

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