Kimbho App Latest Version Download APK 2018 Android & IOS

Kimbho App
Kimbho App Latest Version Download APK 2018 Android & IOS
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Download Kimbho App: Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has launched a new messaging app called Kimbho under his Patanjali Communication venture. The main purpose of this app is to compete with Mark Zuckerberg owned popular messaging platform WhatsApp.

The Kimbho app which is marketed as the Swedishi app has already crossed 500 thousand downloads on Google Play store. A Patanjali spokesperson also tweeted that, “Now Bharat will speak. After launching SIM cards, Baba Ramdev has launched a new messaging application called Kimbho. Now Whats App will be given competition. Our own #SwadeshiMessagingplatform. Download it directly from Google Play store”.

Furthermore, the application happens to have the same feature as the WhatsApp. Like you are getting video calling and voice calling feature which you can use for free. In addition to that, you can share texts, images, videos and doc files directly from the app. Also, the company did make a tagline that says “ Ab Bharat Bolega”.

However, if you are thinking how to download kimbho app. Then here are a couple of steps that you need to follow:

How to download kimbho app for Android:

Note – Kimbho App has been Removed from Google Play Store. We Will Update APK File Here.

  1. First of all launch Google Play Store from your Computer.
  2. Then do the search for Kimbho App. (Beware, there are already too many fake clones are exists.”
  3. Install the app which has the Patanjali communication under its name.
  4. Once the Kimbho app is installed, you need to follow all the screen instructions, and you are good to go with Kimbho.

How to download kimbho app for iOS or Apple Device:

Just in case if you are an iOS user and wondering how to download kimbho app. Then let us mention that as of now there is no Kimbho version available for the Apple device. So you have to wait a few more days until you start using the application on your Apple iPhone.

Moreover, if you are really interested in downloading the app. Then you may also like to about the features that Kimbho app is offering.

Top Features of Kimbho App:

  • The app is built on socket technology this means the app is capable of offering real-time messaging.
  • All the messages that you will exchange on the app will be AES protected. This means you will be able to delete messages.
  • You can easily block a user or leave a conversation at any moment without any issues.
  • The app also offers you the option to set custom messages which you can send later.
  • It comes with lots of cool themes.
  • You will be able to send videos, photos, doodles, stickers, gif, your live location, links, contacts and so on.

Overall, you can say that Kimbho is a clone of the WhatsApp messaging service which comes with some tweaked features. But we need to see how Kimbho app is going to give a competition to WhatsApp. Because WhatsApp already has a large database of users in India. Also, it is up to us if we do want to make a switch to this desi app or not.


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