How to Prepare for Microsoft MCSE 70-473 Cloud Certification Exam Easily

How to Prepare for Microsoft MCSE 70-473 Cloud Certification Exam Easily
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If you want to make a career in the IT Field, you must be aware of the importance of certifications for an IT professional. No matter how many skills you have and no matter how much knowledge you have of any topic unless you have a certification to prove it, you are not considered suitable for the job. The reason behind this is that the preparation of these certification materials always polish your skills and make you much better at what you already knew and already did.

These are the ones that will land you the biggest jobs at the best companies around the world. The certifications are given to the candidates who pass the qualifying exam. Microsoft puts a lot of effort in creating each of the certification exams so that they can test all the skills of the candidates.

One of the most famous certification by Microsoft is MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification.


To get this certification you need to have any of the following four certifications:

  1. MCSA: Windows Server 2012;
  2. MCSA: Windows Server 2016;
  3. MCSA: Cloud Platform;
  4. MCSA: Linux on Azure.

And pass one exam, for example, 70-473 exam – Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions.

If you are someone who is planning to pass Microsoft 70-473 exam, you must know something about the exam. In this article, we will be discussing all this exam and the way in which you can pass the exam.

Define Microsoft 70-473 Exam

Microsoft 70-473 exam is a test taken to test the theoretical as well as practical skills of the candidates in Cloud Data Platform Solutions.

Career Advantages of Being MCSE Certified

There are numerous advantages of MCSE certifications and when you’re talking about MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification it is one of the best certification which adds more value to your resume. Microsoft MCSE 70-473 exam will surely give you better job opportunities in Cloud Platform and Infrastructure field you are already working. The certification will also be a proof of your skill set and will determine how eligible you are for a job in the future.

Things Candidates Should Note:

  • Exam Pattern

The candidates will be given 50-60 questions in 70-473 exams that they have to solve within 2 hours. These will be objective questions and the candidates will have to take the exam in Microsoft training centers.

  • The languages available

The exam can be taken in nine languages including English, Chinese-traditional as well as simplified, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.

  • Fee

Each candidate will have to pay $165 USD to register them for this exam. The fee value will differ from place to place and can be accessed on the Microsoft website. Even if the candidate is appearing for the exam second time, he or she will have to pay the fee.

  • Topics covered

This exam tests the skills of the candidates to complete all the technical tasks that have been given below and those skills include the following:

  1. Designing and implementation of database solutions for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure SQL Database.
  2. Designing and Implementing security
  3. Designing for high availability, scalability and disaster recovery.
  4. Monitoring and managing database implementation in Azure.

There are several sub topics given under these main topics that also need to be covered. The entire syllabus is available at the official website of Microsoft and can be downloaded from there.

  • Who should pass 70-473 exam?

The candidates who have all the skills given above and any one of mentioned MCSA certifications can pass the exam. Additionally, people who have been working as IT Professionals for more than six months are best suited for this exam. This is an associate level certification exam and hence the candidates should prepare accordingly.

Study Material According to the Syllabus

The study material that the candidates buy should be in alliance to the syllabus offered. Hence the study material should only be bought at Microsoft website or from the publishers that are approved by Microsoft. The study material can include books, e-books, practice papers and much more. There are also links for the online video lectures on the website that can also be used. You can also find a lot of blogs that talk about Microsoft 70-473 exam and its preparation, which can help you.

Top Resources for Microsoft MCSE 70-473


What Is the Best Way to Prepare and Score High?

There are many ways that a candidate can opt to get good marks in the exam. It is important to note that all of these ways will require you to study well and put in efforts. Some of the best ways are:

  1. Self Study

Self study is the best kind of study for all the applicants. With the self study, you can continue your preparation at your own pace and can study whenever you want. Just get the study material and study accordingly.

  1. Online Courses

The online courses are another thing that can be considered. These courses will give you enough guidance but can be taken in your own time. You will get some lecture videos, study notes and even some practice papers that you can use to pass the exam.

  1. Instructor-led Training

The instructor led training is for the people who want handheld support throughout the process of preparing for this exam. This will most probably be classroom training. You can even get some practical knowledge during the training period.

  1. PrepAway

Instead of having a look over official website you should take a look at Prepaway, this is the best website I have ever found which help to pass 70-473 certification exam easily. For people who want to make their IT career much better and want to score well in Microsoft 70-473 exam then download the study material from Prepaway and ExamSnap below which will help you in a right direction.



Final Note

The candidates are warned about the fake study material that is available online. Do not think that the study material is available for cheap and is coming with the guarantee to get you 100% success will actually work. Most of the websites are scams. If you are going for the online dumps of the exam study material, make sure you cross check the questions with the syllabus. It is always better to use 70-473 official study material for your main preparation and if you find a need to get some extra study material to complement your ongoing preparation, you can consult these websites. Do, not think that this material will get you 100% score. The score can only be obtained by studying hard and investing time in practice.


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