How to Find Your CIF Number in State Bank of India

CIF Number
How to Find Your CIF Number in State Bank of India
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Hello People, We come back with bank tutorial where You can Check Your SBI Bank Account CIF Number using following steps. Here we are going to share tutorial regarding Find CIF Number in State Bank of India. If You have State Bank of India Bank Account and You are looking for CIF Number Then Here below we share the best article about cif number sbi bank.

The banking sector has been changed to a great extent over a past few years. The advent of internet banking has come into consideration and the all of the banks of the country including State Bank of India have witnessed this transformation. All the desired changes actually have tended towards a great improvement in the services offered by the customers.

One of the key aspects of modern banking is CIF number. Now; the question arising in your mind is surely what is CIF number? So heading towards its answer; CIF actually stands for Customer Information File. It is a unique number associated with the computerized file which perfectly stores entire personal account information of the related bank.

CIF number SBI has actually enabled the bank to view the accounts of customers including key information such as account ownership and credit relationships. It should need to be updated on regular basis so as to maintain the accuracy of the account. Moreover, it also helps you in transferring the bank account from one branch of SBI to another.

How to find the SBI CIF number?

CIF is an 11 digit number which is actually unique for each account holder and hence adds more to the security of your account. There are basically two methods to get the same with a very great ease. These are:

  • Offline Methods
  • Online Methods

Offline Methods

  • Method 1: If you are having an account with SBI; you can easily get this number printed on your bank passbook.
  • Method 2: You can also get your CIF number from the first page of your Cheque book or can ask for the same in the branch office personally.
  • Method 3: You can call on toll-free numbers of SBI 1800112211, 18004253800, 08026599990. You will be asked about some basic details in order to verify your identity.

Online Methods

Method 1: Through account statement in SBI Net Banking

  • Log in to the official website of SBI and open your net banking portal.
  • Now, select the account statement along with any two dates and then select view option.

  • Click Go.

  • The account summary page will be appeared on your home screen displaying y our CIF number, IFSC code, MICR code and other details.

Method 2: Through Nomination and PAN details in SBI net banking

  • Log in to the online banking account of SBI and then press on the option of Account Summary.

  • Once done; now click on View Nomination and PAN details.

  • On the successful completion of the entire process; the CIF Number SBI and PAN details will be displayed on your home screen.


Method 3: Through SBI anywhere app

  • Log in to your account using SBI anywhere app on your device.
  • Click on the Services option from the application home page.

  • Head towards the next screen and click on the Online nomination in services.

  • Go to the next page, and then choose the transaction accounts option in the account type.
  • Once done selecting your saving account number.
  • Once done; your CIF number will be displayed on your home screen.

Note: One thing you need to keep in mind is not to trust on any SMS, or email sources to get your CIF number as it may seriously affect the security of your account as well.


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