Understanding Which Is The Best Phono Cartridge

Understanding Which Is The Best Phono Cartridge
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Finding the best one of any product is always a challenge. Currently, there are a wide
variety of phono cartridges available in the market but choosing the best one is possible
when you go through phono cartridges review at 10 best and understand the
specifications of different products in detail. Below mentioned are some more factors
that will help you to take the decision very easily. Many people think that the quality of the
product depends upon its price but that is not true at least in case of phono cartridges.
There are numerous factors that you have to consider like stylus shape, trackability,
generator type and output for finding the best result.

These points mentioned below are not an exhaustive list but it will definitely make your task
easier as well it will also help to choose the best one. You have to consider these
factors before you choose the best phono cartridges:

1) Generator type: In terms of the generation of signal cartridges are divided into mainly
two types, one is moving magnet and other is moving coil. Moving magnet
cartridges are more preferred. In such cartridges when the stylus moves then the
cantilever moves the magnet in the coil which generates the electric signal. Output
delivery is the main advantage of using these cartridges. The functioning of
the moving coil is almost same and it provides better retrieval of low level information
but high cost and some other problems makes it less popular than the moving
magnet cartridges.

2) Shape of stylus: It is the tip of the stylus which reads the information from the
record groove so its shape is a very vital feature. It is better that the contact radius
is narrow so that it can more precisely track modulations in the groove. Conical
and Elliptical are the two most common styli shapes that could be chosen. But you
have to ensure that you choose the one which will give you crispier sound.

3) Tracking ability: Before buying a phono cartridge, it is important to check this
factor. This describes the ability of the stylus to track the modulations of a record
groove. If the tracking ability spec is higher, it is better to buy that one. For finding
it, you have to go through the specifications.

4) Mount Type: Mostly cartridges come with standard mount cartridges which
connect tonearms leads by four small posts. There is another type of mount that
is P-Mount but it is always better to install a standard mount cartridge.


Therefore, after you go through the essential factors for buying phono cartridges, you
have to go through phono cartridges review at 10best so that you can compare the
specifications of the best product easily at one place and after you can choose to make
the perfect decision. While buying it you have to ensure that you are getting the one that
has the capability to satisfy all your musical needs. You should choose the one that
provides you with a punchy, clear and detailed sound. It should not only meet all the above-mentioned
requirements but it must also preserve the vinyl records.


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