Windows Modules Installer Worker- How To Fix It?

Windows Modules Installer Worker
Windows Modules Installer Worker- How To Fix It?
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Windows Modules Installer Worker –  If you hear that your computer CPU is getting hotter without any reason then just check “Task Manager” of your computer where you might see that “windows modules installer worker windows 10” using a lot of your computer CPU power. This process was also known by the name of Tiworker.exe it is a part of your Windows Operating System. This problem is mainly faced by Windows 10 users.

What is Windows Modules Installer Worker?

Windows Modules Installer Worker this is a service which automatically installs the Window Update. We can also tell that this is a Window process which enables automatic installation, removal of Window Update, modification and some of the optional component. This process is very much essential for the Installation and Uninstall window update for the better functioning for the overall system. And the Windows Modules Installer keep running in the background of your system for finding Updates.

Windows Modules Installer Worker Windows 10

This problem is mainly faced by Windows 10 users. This process automatically starts window update and the slow down your computer. Sometimes Windows Modules Installer starts using >50% of CPU Usage. Because of this, our system slows down and we can’t fix it by restarting our Computer.

How To Fix Windows Modules Installer Worker?

So, the Windows Modules Installer is also essential for your system. But, sometimes it uses too much CPU. Here, I bring 3 easy steps to fix this issue. For this, you do not need a full knowledge of computer. I will guide you step by step.

1) Set Windows Update To Manual

So, in this step, we will turn Windows Update of our computer from Automatic to Manual. But, the little problem is that we have to check for the updates weekly or manually.  So, follow the steps for doing this:-

  • First Press the Window key + R Key at the same time, after that the Run Dialog Box will appear. Here Type msc and then click on OK.

  • Now, I the Service Option-click on the Windows Modules Installer two times the properties will open.

  • When the properties will open up, Go to Startup type and change it into Manual. After that click on Apply and then Ok.

  • Now go back to Service tab and then this type double-click on Windows Updates. It’s properties will pop-up like earlier.
  • Go to startup Type and then change to Manual after that Apply and then OK.

  • Now, after doing this just Restart your PC and then Go to Task Manager to check it.

Method – 2 Use Windows Update Troubleshooter to Fix High CPU usage

This is a very easy and instant finding problem of High CPU usage. Follow the steps to Do this:-

  • So, first of all, Download Windows Update Troubleshooter.
  • After that Run the WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab

  • This tool will check it automatically and will show you the error file. Don’t do anything just close it.
  • After that Restart your Computer and then you can check CPU usage from the Task Manager.

3) Set Your Connection As Metered

This Metered Connection is used for preventing the automatic Update of your Windows. The Metered connection comes with Limited usage. So, that it will not update window automatically. This is the fastest way to Fix the issue of High CPU Usage. My computer also has this issue before but now after using this solution, the problem was solved. So, I hope this solution will fix your problem also.

Here I will separately tell the solution for the Wi-Fi users and Ethernet Users.

For Wifi Users

If you are the Wi-Fi user and facing this High CPU usage problem then follow below steps:-

  • First, click on the Wi-Fi connection and then click on Properties.
  • Now here just Turn On the Metered connection button.

For Ethernet Users

The Ethernet Users can fix this problem just by doing changes with, Windows Registry Editor.

  • First, click on Windows Option and then here type regedit in it. After that Right click on regedit and the select, it Run as Administrator.
  • Now, after that, the one permission window will pop-up just click on Yes.
  • Now after that Go to:- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows NT > CurrentVersion > NetworkList > DefaultMediaCost. You can Copy it and then Paste it in the top bar to access it quickly.

  • After that right-click on DefaultMediaCost and then click on Permission the Permission window will pop-up.

  • Now, in the permission Window click on the Advanced option which is under the Security Tab.

  • Now, click on the change link which you will find the front of the TrustedInstaller.

  • Now, here in the Enter the object name to select box type Administrator and then click on Check Names after that click on Ok.

  • Now in the Advanced Security Settings for DefaultMediaCost windows, Tick on Replace owner on subcontainers and objects box. Now, after that click on Applyand then Ok.

  • Now, afterwards, on the Permissions for DefaultMediaCost windows find the Administrator group. Here check that these two box are Tick. Then click on Apply and then Ok.

  • Now, finally click on the Ethernet option and then change the value data to 2 ( 1 means non-metered connection and 2 means metered connection) after that click on Ok. After that close the Registry Editor and then Restart your Computer.

So, Guys after doing this the Windows Modules Installer Worker will not install Updates without your permission (Automatically). So, that the CPU usage will come into normal values.


So, these are the best 3 methods to Stop Windows Modules Installer Update. Now, you know that how to fix this problem in this simple manner. But, keep in mind that you should update the Window on time by checking it Manually because we have disabled Automatic option and window update is the key aspect. I’m sure that this article helps you in fixing this problem.


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