FIX WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage Easily

WMI Provider Host
FIX WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage Easily
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FIX WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage Easily – The Windows operating system has a wide variety of problems that change the normal user experience as a bitter experience. And sometimes there are some problems that are probably never seen. But you should not panic and know how to solve these problems.  There are so many problems, but the most common problem is known as “WMI Provider Host causing high CPU usage”. The speed of the computer is slowing down due to this. So, for your help here you will get all necessary information to the best fixes for this problem of CPU usage, which will help you solve this problem.

WMI Host Provider

The full form of WMI Provider Host (WmiPrvSE.exe) is Windows Management Instrumentation Provider Service. This is an important service plan that is used by developers for monitoring purposes. Without this, no applications can run in the expected manner, and the reasons are that applications can not be managed without it. Remember that if this process does not work properly then there will be many problems in your PC and many facilities will be wasted.

The saddest and worst thing about this problem is that this problem doesn’t provide any error notifications to you. But sometimes you get the information that the WMI provider host process is continuously using one of CPU power on your computer system.

The user has also sometimes given information that sometimes this process can consume more than 50% of CPU power. Due to this, many types of problems are triggered, such as black screen, blue screen, slowing PC functioning or freeing the computer. Therefore it is necessary to fix this problem and here you will get information about the best ways to solve the WMI Provided Host problem.

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Three Ways to Fix “WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage

Here we will tell you about 3 simple methods that can help you fix the WMI provider host due to high CPU usage problems. These methods are quite simple and helpful. All you need to do is try it. Whether your computer is Maestro or Nob, you can also use these methods.

 1.Clean your Computer

In the Windows / System32 folder, the WmiPrvSE.exe file or the Windows Management Instrumentation Provider service process is available. But sometimes we do not see a virus or malware. It uses this name to hide itself. So keep your computer clean and follow these steps below to do this:

1.    First of all, you have to download anti-virus software.

2.    Once the download finished, you have to install this.

3.    Now you need to do full scan of the computer after you open the anti-virus program.

4.    Go into the C drive and search for a file named WmiPrvSE.exe and check it well.

5.    Restart your computer system.

6.    Go to Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc).

7.    After this check, the WMI provider host is working normally or not.

If this is working with time repairs then your problem has been solved and you can use your PC in the normal way.

2.Restart the Service

Sometimes the WMI provider host service occupies more power on CPU power, then restarting the service at that time provides a lot of help. So we’ve shared some of the important steps below.

1. First press the Windows + R key simultaneously after which you will see a Run dialog box.

2. Now you have to type services.msc in it and press the enter tab.

3. You need to locate the Windows Management Instrumentation Service.

4. Next, press the right click the Windows Management Instrumentation service and then restart.

5. Now press the Windows + X key so that you can access the Power User menu.

6. Then, you have to select the Command Prompt option.

7. Type the cmd.exe in the Windows 10 manufacturer update users search bar

8. After this, right-click on the command prompt option.

9. Now select run as administrator option.

10. You need to type the following command in the Command Prompt window and press Enter.

  • First, net stop iphlpsvc
  • Second, net stop wscsvc
  • Third, net Stop Winmgmt
  • Fourth, net Start Winmgmt
  • Fifth, net Start wscsvc
  • Finally, net start iphlpsvc

At the end, restart your computer system and go to the task manager by typing (Ctrl + Shift + Esc).

Thus, the problem of the WMI provider host is fixed and your system will work properly.

 3. Use Troubleshoot in Safe Mode with Networking 

Troubleshooting is one of the best solutions or way that will help you find all the shortcomings of computer systems. Even higher CPU utilization problem is solved. Then you have given some steps below that you will be able to troubleshoot in safe mode with networking.

  1. First press the Windows + R key together, after which you will see the Run dialog box.
  2. In this box you need typing msconfig and putting the Enter button.
  3. Now you have to click on the boot tab.
  4. Next, tick the box for safe boot and then select the network option.
  5. Now click on the application and then save it.
  6. Shutdown the computer and start again.
  7. Press the Windows + X key together in the Safe Mode option, then select the Windows PowerShell option.
  8. Type msdt . exe – id MaintenanceDiagnostic command in the powerShell window and press enter tab.
  9. Now you can see the A System Maintenance Troubleshooting window on your computer screen.Press on Next tab to move further and follow the instructions which is displaying on screen (If the problem is found by the Troubleshooter).
  10. Now you have to type exe /id PerformanceDiagnostic command in Powershellwindow after completing the above process and click on enter tab.
  11. You will see the Troubleshoot Window Display, please click on Next so that you can continue.
  12. You have to boot into Normal Mode after completing above process.
  13. Select the Boot tab and for Safe Boot click on the unmark box.
  14. Press on Apply option and Ok to save.
  15. At the end you need to restart your PC and need to see that due to your high CPU usage the WMI provider host service has been successfully resolved. 

Conclusion for FIX WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage Easily

So here we have provided you 3 best ways to fix the ongoing WMI provider host with high CPU usage, which can help you to fix this problem. These three methods are quite simple and safe. But even after using these methods, you are still facing the problem, you can also get help from the official Microsoft Support Forum.


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